Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Goon Goes to Mini-Series Format

I had very ambitious plans for the Goon publishing schedule at the beginning of 2012. Unfortunately, life happens sometimes. Between selling a home, buying a home, and taking a little needed me time, my schedule got a little out of control.

My apologies to all of you who have been patiently waiting for Goon #44.  It is being resolicited and will be appearing in the catalog soon.

However, this situation has brought to light how confusing our semi-ongoing series is to readers. Although we were monthly for a year once for the Labrazio storyline, the book has always tried to maintain a bi-monthly schedule. But since the Goon is pretty much a one man show, that wasn’t always possible to sustain. I loved the idea of having an ongoing series and getting up into some high number issues, but I would prefer that the release schedule of the book be less confusing for you guys.

So… after issue #44, The Goon will be switching to a mini-series format with one shots sprinkled in. Much like many of Dark Horse’s other titles.

The first two miniseries to come out will actually tell one long, eight-issue story. OCCASION OF REVENGE BOOKS 1 & 2 will focus on a gang war between the Goon and the new invading clan of witches composed of what is left of the Zombie Priest’s race. If you’ve liked the more gritty and noirish episodes of the Goon, like Chintaown & the Mystery of Mr. Wicker, this will be right up your alley.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this next chapter of the Goon!



  1. That's great man! Can't wait for new stuff. I like your creator owned post- werd. You could adopt my 100% creator owned stamp, I need bigger guns. Remember when Legend created that brand and it meant quality, and unique ideas...that shit needs a revival, and they pimped the hell out of it. They made creator-owned cool. I think most folks just don't really know why it's important or what being a one man show means, or what it's like launching your ship against Iron Man...not to hate, it's just corporations play a zero-sum game and by their nature they annihilate their wal-mart. Every comics fan should dutifully support at least one creator owned project!! If they don't the future will be filled with same, same, same carbon copy plots and characters, and books like the Goon and creators like Ted McKeever will be relics of the past.

  2. However, whenever it comes out is all right with me. If you take The Goon in this artsier format, I'll take it and be damned glad I get it.

    However, I do gots another request, Powell, you four-flushin' rat-bastid, ya. I chipped in for "The Goon" movie on Kickstarter. I was assured that, as a result of my largesse, I'd get to be a Special Guest at the red-carpet premiere. I was, furthermore, led to believe (don't want to say by whom) that I'd be fixed up with the date of my choice, an evening arranged by the shadowy but omnipotent powers that be who run Hollywood (and international banking, professional sports, and the media).

    Time's a wastin', buster. I requested Halle Berry, but at the rate this is going, she's gonna look like Nell Carter before I have the chance to pitch woo at her at the glorious red-carpet premiere of "The Goon."

    As a big-time backer, I think I deserve better than this. Surely my hard-earned ten bucks can get me more Powell-love and attention.

    But how I ramble on. All this to say, merely, "Powell, your imagination is so compelling I'd follow you anywhere."

    Especially if it leads straight up Ms. Berry's honey-pot. But that'd just be icing on the cake.

    Love and kisses, monkeynuts. More Goon.

  3. SOOOOPER excited about this Eric! Glad to hear you took some time to recharge and I'm looking forward to seeing The Goon back on comic shelves (and in my grimy mits) soon! :)

  4. Extremely happy to here it Eric. When it comes to the Goon I am a very patient person. Though I'm totally tweaking for a fix.

  5. I don't care too much about regular releases as long as you are able to keep your vision about what goon should be and keep the unique quality that this comic has.
    Thank you for keep us informed by the way.
    Best regards from Italy.

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  7. Eric: Warm greetings from Montevideo-Uruguay. Unfortunately, Brute comics are extremely expensive and do not come to my country, but still we managed to get them and follow them. Those who enjoyed the comics, I really can not understand how some projects come to the big screen and your comic is not, especially considering one of the best (if not the best) adult comic world. After watching the promotional trailer of the film, I understood that, beyond the ambitious and costly project would be a real crime not to take it to the screen. Anyway ... I will continue waiting ... trying to reduce anxiety ... but rest assured that we follow, and we continue to Brutus, despite being far away from your country. A hug. Alfredo (