Monday, May 12, 2014

THE GOON MOVIE: Update 5/9/14

We are MILLIMETERS away from a completed, cleaned up first pass.”
-Tim Miller at Blur

Hey, Goon fans, as you know David Fincher, Blur Studios, Dark Horse Entertainment, and I have been slugging away at getting the Goon on the big screen for some time. It’s been a long road, but being the stubborn S.O.B.’s  that we are, we refused to take Hollywood’s lack of vision for non-childish animation as an answer and remain undaunted in bringing you a faithful adaptation of Goon in all his pipe wrench across monster mug glory. There is a new generation of animation fans out there who want more mature material that isn’t filled with rainbows and kittens and cookie cutter plot lines of mass marketed crap meant to sell fluffy toys to five year olds. THEY WANT THINGS SHOT IN THE FACE AND NON-FLUFFY TOYS OF THINGS BEING SHOT IN THE FACE!! And we’re ready to give you that!

Thanks to your unwavering support and help with a record breaking Kickstarter program to fund the Goon story reel (a loosely animated story board version of the entire film), we continue to inch closer to our final goal of Franky, via Paul Giamatti, screaming, “KNIFE TO THE EYE!”, in theaters world wide!  (THE GOON KICKSTARTER PAGE)

I know a lot of you must be wondering what’s been going on since the Kickstarter. Well, everyone at Blur has been hard at work on the story reel and are just about finished compiling the first edited pass. At that point, Fincher, Blur, and I will be sitting down to go over some final edits. To say it’s going well would be putting it lightly. I have seen about 90% of the story reel footage, and I’m super proud of the efforts of everyone involved. Everyone remains just as passionate as ever to get this film completed, and it shows in every frame of the story reel.

We still have hurtles to cross, but armed with this story reel and your overwhelming support, we remain confident we will find the right home for this film.



  1. Totally stoked to hear positive news about the film. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the Occasion of Revenge series too. Thanks for the sweet ride so far, I'll be along for every mile yet to come.

  2. Forgive me if my question implies that you or your team don't know what they are doing, such is not my intent, I just love the Goon so much I want to see this happen. Does it have to be a big-screen release? As much as I would love to see that, I would rather see Goon on Netflix or Hulu than to see it fail. Or maybe a Louis CK kind of thing where you self-distribute via your own website? Charge one price to stream, and another higher price gets us a DVD copy?

  3. this is so darn cool! and yes, there should be more animation like this that appeals to the grown ups! Good times.

  4. This just makes my day ! I really do cross the fingers ! May the zombie priest hear you... This movie is one of the things i wait the most. I can wait 10 or 20 years if it comes finally, doesnt matter !

  5. I love all animated films, but I've really wanted someone to break the mold of current animated films in a big way, I know this film has the potential. The only big adult animated film I can think of is Beowulf, which was nice with the gruesome details they incorporated. I think there is such great potential in the industry for less life like, mo-capped films to add cartoon style films for a mature audience. It's about time films like that became as mainstream as your average summer blockbuster.